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Howbury Moated Site
Repairs to the revetment walls above and below water.

ImageThe moated site close to Howbury Grange is at first a surprise.

Approximately 1100m to the east of Slade Green railway station in east London, the C12 site which originally protected a fortified house, lies almost within the marsh of the River Cray and River Darent close to the River Thames.

I was commissioned in January 2001 to determine the condition of the structure and determine the extent of the repairs required.

Close inspection, including an underwater diving survey carried out by the Port of London Authority Diving Team, which showed that underwater repairs were required to ensure the longevity of this ancient monument.

The project included underwater pointing by divers and corner stitching above the water using stainless steel bars, grouted into the substrate. Also, traditional repairs by stonemasons were undertaken, using salvaged ragstone from another site, with non-hydraulic lime mortar.

ImageThis project brought together new and old techniques to ensure that this ancient monument remains intact for a considerable number of years.

Initial estimates at 80,000 were only marginally exceeded with a contract final valuation of just under 82,000.

The project was completed one week later in November 2001, before the frosts occured.

Image Download the pdf Case Study
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